[D8] DESPERATION: The Hopeless Sickling:
Card of Disease and Infirmity

Energy purging, hope is dying
Strangulation, no sense trying
Naked, cold, starry night
Depression, distant fading light

A stifling pessimist is paralyzing
A despondent melancholic is pining

Many similarities exists between this card and cards of other decks labeled “Star” or “Hope.” One important exception though, our character has no hope... no hope whatsoever.

A skeletal, death-like image of herself emerges and steels her energy, enthusiasm and hope and squeezes it dry, like a sponge, right in front of her. Talk about taking the wind out of your sails.

The pitcher in her hand has dropped down and is emptying out on the ground to symbolize her loss of energy, or perhaps waste of energy. She is a hypochondriac, perhaps she is not as sick as she thinks.

Behind her, there actually is a star of hope, but she will never see it. She is as blind as her equidistant partner, The Frustrated Waif. In front of her someone is “bursting her bubble.” She is despondent. She lets out a sigh of despair and prepares to die. The encroaching darkness suffocates her. She has no hope.

8 of [--] The Exhaustive Discharge
8 of [ / ] The Narrow Perspective
[D2/8] The Sinking Dysphoria

Antonym: [A8] EXHILARATION: The Enlightened Enthusiast
Transonym: [D2] OBFUSCATION: The Frustrated Waif
Varonym: [Reverse] LUSTRATION: The Exuviated Ghost
Proxonym: < or >


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