[D7] DESECRATION: The Wretched Heathen:
Card of Torture and Atrocity

Crack of lightning, crack of whip
Through stone or flesh, violence rip
Crucifixion, murder, bloody mess
Carnage, massacre, crimson dress

A wicked iconoclast is tormenting
A wretched miscreant is suffering

Hasn’t this man suffered enough?

Birds peck at his flesh like Prometheus. Arrows pierce his body like St. Sebastian. Demons hack away his limbs. And still, there is more. Life is suffering. Life is pain. No one knows that more than this Wretched Heathen. He needs to find religion.

But is this all really happening, or is it just a nightmare hallucination? Where is reality? This man is paranoid. He is a master at imagining the worst. He worries, all the time. He suffers. If he could break free of those ropes he would immediately nail himself to a cross.

The tower being struck by a bolt of lightning reminds us of a more traditional design, but also stands as a symbol of disaster. This is the card of tragedy, a plan gone awry. A bad approach, bad ideas, and hesitation has brought disaster down upon this person. He did it all himself.

The severed arm reminds us that this is the card of violence and torture.

7 of [--] The Incredible Realization
7 of [ / ] The Impure Synthesis
[D3/7] The Violent River

Antonym: [A7] CONSECRATION: The Blessed Guru
Transonym: [D3] ABOMINATION: The Viscious Beast
Varonym: [Reverse] MORTIFICATION: The Iconoclastic Pagan
Proxonym: < or >


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