[A8] EXHILARATION: The Enlightened Enthusiast:
Card of Health and Energy

Energy, ecstasy, spirits soar
Adrenaline pumping, lion's roar
Euphoric embrace, lifting up
Tingle of excitement filling cup

A vibrant optimist is energizing
An exuberant enthusiast is striving

A dancer, is being lifted off a cliff by a ghostly vision of herself. She is flying! She is lighter than air!

She is elated. She is buoyant. She will take you up with her, if you want. You can fly along side, like Superman and Lois Lane. From up there you can see everything. The view is panoramic. The ride is thrilling.

The twinkling stars being thrown over the body of the dancer symbolize the tingly sensations of orgasm. This is the card of climax, sexual and otherwise.

The ballet shoes tell us that she is a dancer. Dancers have lots of energy. This is the card of energy, excitement and enthusiasm. She is an athlete. She always takes the stairs...two at a time. Her energy is contagious. I hope you are in shape, or you won’t be able to keep up.

She stops for every “scenic overlook.”

8 of [+] The Cumulative Discharge
8 of [X] The Broad Perspective
[A2/8] The Floating Euphoria

Antonym: [D8] DESPERATION: The Hopeless Sickling
Transonym: [A2] INSPIRATION: The Animated Visionary
Varonym: [Reverse] INTOXICATION: The Fervid Zealot
Proxonym: < or >


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Key: [+] = Addition-Diamonds-Coins ... [X] = Multiplication-Hearts-Cups ... [--] = Subtraction-Clubs-Staves ... [ / ] = Division-Spades-Swords

[A] = Ameliorate Major ... [D] = Deteriorate Major

Antonym = Meanings that are opposite in an investive vs. divestive way e.g. [+] to [--], or [X] to [ / ]
Coronym = Meanings that correlate in a quantitative vs. qualitative way e.g. [+] & [X], or [--] & [ / ]
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Varonym = Meanings that are variable across a spectrum of possibilities that exists across antonymous cards in their upright & reversed states
Proxonym = Meanings that evolve seqentially across each suit from one card to the next

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