8 of [ / ] Spades
The Narrow Perspective:
-- Provincial & Constricting

Provincial, narrow, and encroaching
Phobia, darkness, death is approaching
Suffocation, no way out
Confining depression, choke and pout

Provincial phobia constricting
Confining suffocation encroaching

Eight swords surround two rope tied hands. A shaft of light beams down. The hands reach up to the light. The shaft of light is all those hands know of the world. There is nothing but darkness everywhere else. This person is afraid to move outside of the provincial domain of that one shaft of light. It is very confining.

Living in such a confined and limiting space is choking this person’s mind. Choking is also symbolized by the dangling noose in the background. While the virtual bondage of such an existence is symbolized by the rope around the hands. But look, the rope is not tied tight. This person could move if they wanted to. But they are afraid. Better the devil you know.

The fear to move into the unknown leads to neurosis and phobias. This person is despondent. As the darkness encroaches, suffocation is inevitable. This must be what the correlative 8 of Subtraction/Clubs/Staves felt as he was dying.

You will get real depressed. You will get tunnel vision. You will paint yourself into a corner. You will be treated unfairly. Your bubble will burst.

Don't let phobias stifle you. Don't let other people's narrow views become your own. Don't be afraid to move beyond an illuminated range. Step out of the darkness. Don't curse the darkness when you could light a candle. Don't be such a pessimist. Don't pout.

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.
Desperation is the mistress of the impossible.

[D8] The Hopeless Sickling
[D2/8] The Sinking Dysphoria

Antonym: 8 of [X] The Broad Perspective
Coronym: 8 of [--] The Exhaustive Discharge
Transonym: 2 of [ / ] The Closed Relationship
Varonym: [Reverse] Mitigate
Proxonym: < or >



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