[D9] NADIR: The Desolate Corpse:
Card of Death and Darkness

Devoured by darkness, less the moon
Eerie maw, from emptiness hewn
Pointing to a waiting grave
Insanity is the coming wave

A nugatory necrophore is annihilating
A desolate corpse is rotting

When you loose hope, this is what you get - death. Flies buzz around the smelly rotting corpse of the dead. Behind a grave is ready. Above, the Grim Reaper waits for his next victim, or customer. This is the card of death - actual death. But unlike the antonymous Consummate Sage, this is an undignified death.

The reflection of the moon on the horizon of the water creates a pathway to a hole in the abyss of darkness where the dead go to pass on. She can crawl into the grave or through the portal, but “no one gets out alive.” She is doomed.

The chaotic behavior of flies buzzing around one’s head symbolize confusion, insanity and dementia. She is as braindead as her equidistant partner, The Ignorant Fool. She can’t seem to figure this out. She is crying.

The wreath of roses reminds us that even an undignified death is part of a cycle. She will be reborn as another Ignorant Fool and die the same horrible death all over again.

9 of [--] The Definitive End
9 of [ / ] The Chaotic Infinity
[D1/9] The Dark Abyss

Antonym: [A9] ZENITH: The Consummate Sage
Transonym: [D1] PORTENT: The Ignorant Fool
Varonym: [Reverse] DESTINY: The Eulogized Legacy
Proxonym: <


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