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The Existential Exotic:
-- Profound and Contemplative

Propitious, certifiable, pass the test
Prophetic existence, manifest
Strange, surrealistic anomaly in view
Speculating, wondering, what to do

An artist is painting a picture of three roses in a vase. She is thinking about her subject, analyzing proportions. She is smart.

Her painting will be an intellectual masterpiece. People will be trying to figure it out for a long time.

Her painting will stir the imagination of those who view it. It will be somewhat strange and surrealistic, with an irreverent touch. She’s not overly religious. But she does like to explore the realm of the spiritual.

A Cerebral Mind in a Sensorial Family.

Existential, because, like the 1 of [X] she is aware. She thinks, therefore she is.
Exotic, because, like the 7 of [ / ] reversed she a bit strange. She has a surrealistic imagination.

Profound, because, like the 1 of [X] she is propitious and actuating.
Contemplative, because, like the 7 of [ / ] reversed she is a speculator, she wonders about stuff.

1 of [X]
7 of [ / ] reversed

Varonym: [Reverse] The Ostentatious Weirdo
Proxonym: >


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