Jack of [X] Hearts:
The Judicious Designer:
-- Observant and Calculated

Considering sides, mirrored and harmonious
Revealing candor, frank and obvious
Heedful caution, lingering ... coping
Fortuitous accident, momentous, hoping

An attractive young man pauses to savor the beauty of a rose. It cheers him.

He looks to us. He looks through us. He is a reflection of us.

He lingers to relish the serendipity of his encounter. He begins to contemplate the nature of the rose. He is very deliberate in his approach. He is cautious. He seems to be warning us to consider something. Maybe we should stop and smell a rose too.

A Perceptual Spirit in a Sensorial Family.

Judicious, because, like the 2 of [X] he looks at both sides. He looks for harmony.
Designer, because, like the 7 of [--] reversed he is heedful in his approach.

Observant, because, like the 2 of [X] he does not miss the obvious.
Heedful, because, like the 7 of [--] reversed he proceeds with caution, lingers and savors every moment. He lets moments happen on their own time.

2 of [X]
7 of [--] reversed

Varonym: [Reverse] The Blatant Bungler
Proxonym: < or >


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Key: [+] = Addition-Diamonds-Coins ... [X] = Multiplication-Hearts-Cups ... [--] = Subtraction-Clubs-Staves ... [ / ] = Division-Spades-Swords

[A] = Ameliorate Major ... [D] = Deteriorate Major

Antonym = Meanings that are opposite in an investive vs. divestive way e.g. [+] to [--], or [X] to [ / ]
Coronym = Meanings that correlate in a quantitative vs. qualitative way e.g. [+] & [X], or [--] & [ / ]
Transonym = Meanings that are equidistantly similar i.e. from the same sphere of influence, e.g. 1&9, or 2&8, or 3&7, or 4&6
Varonym = Meanings that are variable across a spectrum of possibilities that exists across antonymous cards in their upright & reversed states
Proxonym = Meanings that evolve seqentially across each suit from one card to the next

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