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The Dilatory Phobic:
-- Dull and Insular

Suppression, inertia, will not go
Abortion, squelching always no
Provincial, encroaching narrow mind
Confining, constricting, phobic in kind

A young girl stands in the rain clutching a wand. She is handcuffed. She stands still. Her eyes are closed. She is surrounded by boulders.

Don’t expect this girl to do anything but remain standing right there in the rain. She is procrastinating her life away. She is vegetating. She is finding it impossible to overcome her own inertia.

She is also afraid to move beyond the limits of her current situation. Her thinking is provincial. She is cynical. She is full of phobias. The handcuffs symbolize her bondage to her current situation. They prevent her from spreading her wings to fly. She can only use them to clutch that wand, and keep it right there in front of her. Poor kid.

A Cerebral Mind in a Perceptual Family.

Dilatory, because, like the 1 of [--] she is plagued by inertia.
Phobic, because, like the 8 of [ / ] she sees darkness encroaching.

Dull, because, like the 1 of [--] her mind is suppressed.
Insular, because, like the 8 of [ / ] she is very provincial.

1 of [--]
8 of [ / ]

Varonym: [Reverse] The Prudent Sectarian
Proxonym: >


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