Making Stuff


While waiting for you to hire me, I've been working at a local supermarket as a bagger. We also wrangle carts in the parking lot. That requires a strap, to hold the carts together while moving them along. My fellow baggers are often not so reliable at returning the strap and they often go missing. So I decided to make my own from available materials. I went to the hardware store and got an S hook. Closed one end. Went to the fabric store and got some strap. Stiched it up... including some staples made from wire. Covered the stiching with duct tape so it wouldn't wear out.

It works great!

Who does this kind of thing?
So far, I'm the only one at this store to do it. That's how I roll... carts!

How many people working in your company would go to such lengths to solve a problem?

Hire for character, train for skills!