At the food store where I am working, while waiting for you to hire me, I am now a Cashier. As a Cashier, we are supposed to hand out slips of paper with the receipts, that invite people to take a survey and give us feedback. I immediately thought they looked hideous (left image). I hated that they were printed 4up and cut out with uneven margins. I hated the graphic. I didn’t think the verbiage was well written, with bold or big emphasis in the wrong places. It was bad. So I decided to do a re-design of my own.

• I put the store number in brackets, because that is the way it is seen in the pull down menu, when the survey asks what store you were shopping at.
• I emphasized “How did we do?” because that is the main point of the whole slip!
• I changed the sequence of the content to flow better; “how did we do” should be followed by the hope that they were satisfied.... then, invite them to take a survey.
• I inserted a “Please”
• I emphasized the web address.
• Another version of the slip would beg the customer for a 9 or a 10 rating. It even went to far as to explain that a score of 9 or 10 = 10 and a score of 8 or less = 0 (as far as our management is concerned). I thought that explanation was to confusing and sounded a little desperate, so I just added the request for a 9 or a 10.
• The old slip doesn’t provide a place for anyone to add their name, so that the customer can mention them in their feedback. People would just scribble it in the blank space outside. I added a “Thank You” followed by a place for a name to be written it, or typed in.
• I added artwork of fruits and vegetables (drawn by me), to sooth the psyche of the customer and possibly make them more willing to take the survey. The other art seemed dark, clumsy (with unrealistic perspective and proportions) and was referencing a marketing campaign that ended over a year ago.
• Finally... I made the slip 6up on an 8.5 x 11 page, which made it the same width as our receipt paper, which made it easier to wrap up with the receipt and coupons and hand over as one rolled up bundle. The old one was too big and stuck out.

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