You want to hire people who care enough to make improvements to your workflow, because time is money! I am always looking to improve things, even while working at a low paying job that doesn't use my skills. I do good work wherever I go.

After becomeing a cashier I decided that the list given to me for referencing PLU numbers for fruits and vegetables was poorly organized and poorly designed. I had watched many newly trained cashiers before me struggle to find things on that poorly made list. And... in fact, I have proof of how bad the situation is, seen below, where someone needing to know the number for Mini Cucumbers could not find it, and after figuring it out, went around to all the registers to add it to the list, while never noticing that it is actually on the list already! The reason they couldn't find it is because it is listed under a category called Lettuce & Salad Items, instead of being listed alphabetically under C! Why someone decided that categories like Lettuce & Salad Items, and Cooking Vegetables, and Hispanic and Oriental and Tropical would be easier to use than just being alphbetical I don't know, but I quickly decided to make my own list, seen at bottom.

With my list, I changed everything to be alphabetical. So now peppers from Hispanic and Oriental are all under the listing of Peppers. Same with squash and other things. Genius! I also eliminated the need for repeating items with the organic "9" added to the number by just adding a plus sign next to numbers that have an organic equivalent that only needs to have a 9 before it. More genius! I also tried to make a hierarchical emphasis with font size and boldness. And I added other codes from other departments that were not on the original list, but had been scribbled down and often lost at the registers. Now they are all together on one list.

I have watched newly trained cashiers use my list, and all have commented on how much easier it is to use than the one from the corporate office. They learn much faster. And even seasoned veterans often yell over to me to ask about an uncommon number that they can't find on the corporate list, because they know I keep my list up to date and complete, and that I can find things faster with my organization. I'm the PLU guru!

Hire people who look for better ways of doing things.
Hire people who take initiative.
Hire people who get excited about WHATEVER job they do.
That would be me!
Hire me!
Hire for character, train for skills!