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Welcome to the web site for The Numerical Tarot. The Numerical Tarot is a very unique kind of tarot deck that looks at the subject of tarot a whole new way. In looking at tarot a whole new way, this deck stands as an alternative to the more traditional forms of tarot out there today. Not everyone will want to go a different way in their study or use of tarot. But for those adventurous few who are looking for an alternative form of tarot, this site might have something to offer. In going a different way with its approach to tarot, the decks on this site do not follow the popular path of occult mystery that has been built up around tarot over the years. It also does not make any attempt to be faithful to the known history of tarot. In this way, it is a completely new and unique approach, that yields a completely new and unique outcome.

Put as briefly as possible, this system looks for archetypal sources for tarot symbolism among the elemental patterns of nature. The patterns that are uncovered by this approach, are seen as a signature of nature that influences all of humanity and everything around us. Macroscopically or microscopically, a signature of nature is an inescapable pattern of universal influence, that can be seen being expressed in one of many different ways, in every culture of humanity, throughout all days and ages of human history. When reduced to the most fundamental, elemental, abstract, archetypal essence, I believe that every manifest entity, and every manifest event, can be seen as expressions of these universal lines of force. As patterns of universal influence, these ideas are what humans end up illustrating on little pieces of paper as tarot symbols and icons. By illustrating a signature of nature across cards in a deck, The Numerical Tarot becomes a visual documentation of a vast spectrum of human experience.

Additionally, universal patterns of nature are also used in the organization of the deck itself. What results is an underlying structure that organizes everything into a grid matrix of cross-referencing ideas, where balance, symmetry, contrast and consistency reign supreme. The resulting system of cross-referenced ideas then leads to intended meanings for each card that are derived from an understanding of archetypal patterns in nature and how they connect through a theoretical path of etymology to fundamental, elemental roots and a universal signature of nature. Like an axial system of archetypal crystallography, The Numerical Tarot deck becomes a tool for calculating universal influences.

If you are new to this site, you should begin with...

From there you can navigate to The Nickel Tour, and
read several essays that describe the unique approach taken by The Numerical Tarot.

NOTE: I call this system of cosmic analysis, and the patterns of nature that result, Tarot. However you may disagree. Ultimately, my goal is to explain the fundamental, elemental and archetypal nature of existence and human behavior. I try to do this by connecting patterns, and symbols together with an etymological sequence of ideas. A documentation of primordial patterns and existence may not have been tarot's original intent, that's OK. What matters to me is understanding how patterns in nature influence our perception of self and the world, and the anthropomorphized representations of each that result. This study tries to offer evidence to suggest that our understanding of tarot could be improved by understanding these fundamental, elemental, and etymological links to the patterns in nature that transcend all cultures, societies, days and ages.

The Hero indeed has 1,000 faces, but only ONE abstract, conceptual essence that can be considered a true timeless, trans-cultural archetype. You can spend a lifetime studying 1,000 faces. The Numerical Tarot chooses to study the abstract, conceptual, timeless, trans-cultural patterns upon which anthropomorphized icons are founded, reducing those 1,000 faces to one.

The Numerical Tarot asks you to take a long look at the WAY you are studying tarot. Is the compounding of comparative opinions leading to clarity or complexity? You've collected 1,000 faces for a hero... now what? How many more do you need? Isn't it time to ask: what is common between all those 1,000 faces of a hero that you've collected? What fundamental, elemental, abstract, archetypal essence do they all share that makes them all heroes? What universal, primordial, pattern is at the core, that transcends the specific imagery and individual mythologies of the cultures whose heroes you've collected?

The Numerical Tarot asks you to LOOK DEEPER!


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Tarot Alternative means departing from tradition.
It means that this study of tarot is not so much about what tarot is, or what tarot was.
Tarot Alternative means that it's much more about what tarot COULD be...
we were able to let GO of what tarot is and what tarot was.
I hope you choose to explore these possibilities.

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