3 of [--] Clubs
The Unrefined Creation:
-- Grotesque & Mutilating

Ineptitude, chop, mutilate and scar
Being crude, spit, sully and mar
Grotesque, ugly, harsh in pain
Brutality will struggle forever in vain

Grotesque ineptitude mutilating
Harsh savagery sullying

An angry man is going to butcher the neighbor's dead cat that he killed. A crude attempt at art sits on a table. Scratchy weeds on the ground. Ugly frog looking on. A dirty cave in the background. A bloody pike, or weapon, crudely fashioned by an inept person. A crude and primitive image of a hand on a cave wall.

You will handle the situation in your usual inept manner. You will create a hideous monstrosity. You will kill someone. You will swear vulgarities in inappropriate places and offend everyone.

Don't be crude. Don't be sloppy. Don't be so rough. You're so clumsy. Clean yourself up. Take a bath. Get your dirty feet off the table. Pick up your smelly socks and underwear. Don't live like an animal.

I don't care, is a deadly snare.
Slovenly dress betokens carelessness

[D3] The Beast
[D3/7] The Violent River

Antonym: 3 of [+] The Refined Creation
Coronym: 3 of [ / ] The Imperfect Bond
Transonym: 7 of [--] The Incredible Realization
Varonym: [Reverse] Mitigate
Proxonym: < or >



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