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The Witty Entertainer:
-- Sharp and Humorous

Alert, sparkling, full of wit
Potential operative, will not quit
Abstinence, frugality, nothing of desire
Sacrifice, giving of self entire

A stage has been cut in the grass. An actress takes a bow. She wears white, the color of a 1.

Her quick wit is incredible. She can improvise better than anyone. You can not top her. She is fast.

Her playful, flamboyant nature is perfect for entertaining crowds. She is quite amusing. She creates an environment that is liberating in its denial of everything but the moment.

A Cerebral Mind in a Visceral Family.

Witty, because, like the 1 of [+] her mind is full of sparks.
Entertainer, because, like the 6 of [ / ] reversed she is deceptive in a good way, like an actor pretending to be someone she isn't.

Sharp, because, like the 1 of [+] she is fast in intellect. She uses her mind. She is very smart.
Humorous, because, like the 6 of [ / ] reversed she is playful. She plays jokes. Not evil jokes, playful jokes. She teases.

1 of [+]
6 of [ / ] reversed

Varonym: [Reverse] The Boisterous Bamboozler
Proxonym: >


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