King of [ / ] Spades:
The Insidious Totalitarian:
-- Treacherous and Implacable

Corrupting apathy, vulnerable mind
Shaky, ineffectual, cowering kind
Relentless excess, prolonging reign
Protracted persistence, exceeding, insane

A fat, lazy, indolent man sits on his throne with an orb spinning on one finger. Looks like he has the world in his hands.

He is a heartless man. He will chop you off at the knees. You will be devastated. Actually, he will hire someone to chop you off at the knees, because he is too fat and lazy to do it himself.

He is a stubborn man, he will not stop until he gets what he wants, and he wants EVERYTHING. He is persistent. He is extravagant.
He does everything to excess, that’s why he is so fat.

A Visceral Heart in a Cerebral Family.

Insidious, because, like the 4 of [ / ] he is corrupt.
Totalitarian, because, like the 9 of [+] reversed he wants it all and more.

Treacherous, because, like the 4 of [ / ] he is undependable - like shaky ground.
Implacable, because, like the 9 of [+] reversed he is persistent and relentless.

4 of [ / ]
9 of [+] Reversed

Varonym: [Reverse] The Amiable Mentor
Proxonym: <


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