[D5] DISSONANCE: The Recalcitrant Witch:
Card of Sorcery and Anarchy

Roil, boil, trouble and strife
Source of curse, cauldron rife
Clashing sides make dangerous potion
Back and forth, disruptive commotion

A recalcitrant agitator is antagonizing
A disruptive delinquent is arguing

A nasty, evil witch is stirring up trouble, and out comes a demon to do her bidding. She is not an alchemist. She mixes potions of evil. She throws together opposites that she knows will not get along, just to make trouble. She likes conflict and anarchy.

She is illogical and irrational, and uses that to drive a wedge between sides. Like the angel of Temperance that emerges from the the Affable Wizars’s chalice, the witch has her demon who symbolizes antagonism between sides, and rebellious exchanges in the non-physical world, unholy unions and alliances.

Both witch and demon want to see opposing sides divorced and separate, or mixing it up like soldiers on a bloody battlefield.

In the corner we see someone “biting the hand that feeds them” confirming the disobedient, impolite and altogether uncontrollable nature of this character. Next time you are being handcuffed by the law for making trouble, thank this witch and her demon.

5 of [--] The Uncontrolled Middle
5 of [ / ] The Unsettled Union

Antonym: [A5] CONSONANCE: The Affable Wizard
Varonym: [Reverse] DIVERGENCE: The Radical Maverick
Proxonym: < or >


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