[A6] SUSTENANCE: The Altruistic Angel:
Card of Devotion and Fecundity

Passion finds another lover
Child growing from a mother
With her faith, makes believe
With advantage, will achieve

A hospitable benefactor is providing
A grateful beneficiary is treasuring

Nursing her baby the way so many mothers do, the Altruistic Angel is estrogen incarnate. She is a nurturing force. She is the womb that we all wish we could return to. She will cradle you in her arms and help you grow up big and strong.

The nest atop her chair symbolizes the nesting that mothers go through to prepare a home for their family. The sperm entering the egg reminds us of her “condition." The Jack-in-the-pulpit reminds us of how she got that way! This is the card of sex, but good sex, the kind your mother would approve of, the kind that creates a baby.

The jewelry that adorns her body symbolizes the wealth of an appreciating progression that accumulates and saves and advances. She is not materialistic, just passionate about what she has. It has value. She is a good judge of value in both things and people.

The blue wings and dress reveal this card’s association to the color blue. She is in fact as true blue a friend as they come. She will take care of you. You can trust her.

6 of [+] The Increasing Evolution
6 of [X] The Familiar Environment
[A4/6] The Percussive Beat

Antonym: [D6] DECADENCE: The Sinister Demon
Transonym: [A4] BENEVOLENCE: The Mighty Hero
Varonym: [Reverse] DEPENDENCE: The Gluttonous Junkie
Proxonym: < or >


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